Internet slams woman for chipping into her rent money to pay for boozy bill

One woman has been slammed by the internet after revealing she dipped into her rent money in order to fund a boozy night out with her co-workers.

The female, referred to as Shelly, was labelled greedy after her plan to cut her bill down backfired.

A co-worker of hers shared the story on the Reddit threat MaliciousCompliance. They explained the group agreed to split the cost of dinner and drinks evenly.

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But at the end of the night, Shelly kicked off and demanded that everyone pay for the items they ordered only.

According to Newsweek, the now-deleted post was titled "Refuse to split the bill equally… ok…"

It featured more than 14,000 upvotes and 1,500 comments.

The user wrote: "About 8 of us… ordered drinks and food. Bosses were in town and bonuses [are] around the corner.

"We all agree on splitting the bill equally down the line. Drunk Shelly absolutely refuses.

"She says that everyone pays for what they ordered. Despite trying to tell her to chill and just split evenly, she refuses.

"So we say okay…[and] everyone gets their bill and pays."

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However, while Shelly was likely thinking forcing everyone to pay their own way would save her some cash, her plans backfired and she ended up paying a lot more than she would have by splitting it down the middle.

A mistake which meant she had no choice other than to dip into her rent money in order to settle her tab at the bar.

The post continued: "Turns out Shelly is greedy and had been ordering top-shelf whiskey and her bill was 6 times the next person's bill.

"We left Shelly whining about how the bill has eaten into her rent money. Lol."


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