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MUM-of-two Kerry Davies' heart sinks every time her 12-year-old son asks if bailiffs will knock down their door over a £13,900 energy debt.

Kerry has received threatening letters for over a year from Scottish Power telling her she owes thousands – but it's a big billing blunder.

A meter mix-up means Kerry is being billed for someone else's debt.

Estate agency director Kerry, 41, from Crewe, received her first letter in February last year from the energy giant, telling her she owed £68.

She and her husband Kevin, 41, a facilities manager for the NHS, were baffled – they hadn't been Scottish Power customers for over six years.

They are now with Octopus, and had no idea what the bill was for.

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Kerry tried countless times phoning and emailing Scottish Power – but the letters kept coming, and the amount kept creeping up.

By November, the firm said she owed over £13,200.

After taking her case to the energy ombudsman, Kerry thought the issue had been resolved in March this year.

Scottish Power told her that there had been a meter mix-up, and she was being charged for someone else's energy arrears.

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It said it would close the account, and amend the information on its systems – and also sent £100 compensation as a goodwill gesture.

But Kerry couldn't believe it when she received a new letter from Scottish Power last month – and this time, the debt stood at an eye-watering £13,942.

In the letter, Scottish Power threatened to take legal action and said debt collectors could come knocking if the bill wasn't paid.

She's had to tell her two children Gabriel, 16, and Zachary, 12, not to open the door to anyone – and she keeps the doors locked at all times.

"It’s like a big black cloud hanging over me," she told The Sun.

"It’s not pleasant for Zachary, who is 12 years old, he keeps asking if it's all been sorted, he’s worried about it.

"My biggest concern is bailiffs coming to the door – that’s what worries me.

"I don’t want the letters, I don’t want the stress, I want them to leave me alone."

Kerry has since been to the energy ombudsman again to complain, and Scottish Power has apologised for the letters, offered £150 in compensation and said it would clear up the error again.

"I do not trust that they will do this, though, based on the fact they didn’t last time," she said.

"I fully anticipate to be in the exact same position again.

"It feels like I'm just waiting for the bailiffs to turn up and that Scottish Power won’t give up until they’ve got their money – be that from the right person or wrong person."

A Scottish Power spokesperson told The Sun: "We’re sorry for the issues experienced by Ms Davies and we’re continuing to work with her and the Energy Ombudsman to complete the full resolution of her complaint.

"In the meantime, we have corrected our records, provided a written apology and also made a goodwill payment."

The energy supplier did not confirm how much it's offered as a "good will payment".

Your rights if you’ve been a victim of a billing error

If you’ve been sent an incorrect bill, then contact the energy supplier who sent it to you straight away.

It's best to tackle the issue straight away, otherwise it can snowball and get even more expensive and complicated.

Anything from account mix-ups, faulty meters and IT errors could mean you’re being overcharged.

If the problem is not corrected, then you should make a formal complaint to the company.

If this still doesn’t work, contact the Energy Ombudsman.

They handle issues between customers and suppliers and will look at your case to see if they can help you deal with the complaint.

You’ll get help with resolving issues on billing, installations and delays, loss of service, customer service, and switching suppliers.

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