‘Kate’s key role model’: Kate Middleton has ‘similar air of regal elegance’ to Queen

Kate and William 'may move to Windsor' says Sacerdoti

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Princess Diana was very glamorous as a worldwide fashion icon, and she was also a huge humanitarian. As one of the most famous and renowned individuals from the 20th century, it would be hard to fill their shoes. However, Kate Middleton brought “her own individual style to the job” according to a body language expert.

As well as comparing Kate Middleton with Princess Diana, royal commentators later compared her to her new sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, when she began dating Prince Harry in 2016.

But according to body language expert Judi James, Kate’s main influences as a working member of the Royal Family are her husband, Prince William, and Her Majesty The Queen.

The Duchess of Cambridge appears very regal when in public, and according to Judi, Kate sees the Queen as her “role model”.

Lately, Kate has appeared in block, monochrome colour outfits, reminiscent of the Queen’s outfits and in line with her mantra, that she needs to be ‘seen to be believed’.

The Duchess will one day be a Queen herself when Prince William inherits the throne, so it makes sense that Kate will look to the monarch for royal guidance.

Judi James spoke exclusively with Express.co.uk about Kate’s body language and whether or not she tries to emulate the Queen in public.

Judi said: “Kate’s body language displays as a royal appear to have two key influencers: her husband and her grandmother-in-law the Queen.

“Her mirroring with William when they appear in public as a team has always looked primarily subliminal, meaning their often identical poses and gestures stem from a like-minded attitude to their roles in the Firm, as well as a sense of empathy and equality as a team of two.

“In terms of consciously learned behaviours though, it’s the Queen who seems to be Kate’s key role model.

“Knowing she will take the role herself one day seems to have made her very tuned-in to the Queen’s traits and techniques.

“Although Kate will clearly also bring her own individual style to the job she always looks very respectful of the practical benefits of the Queen’s more traditional approach, too.

“Like the Queen, Kate will often wear simple designs in strong block colours.

“This is less about personal taste and more about knowing it’s necessary for a Queen to stand out and be instantly recognised at royal occasions.

“The un-fussy tailoring means the eye isn’t drawn to the detail as it might be with more of a complex fashion look.

“Like the Queen, Kate also seems very aware of and even a fan of the parameters in terms of appropriate royal behaviour.

“When she is out accompanying the Queen her eye-checking shows she is totally tuned into Her Majesty’s thoughts and behaviours and although she tends to adopt a stance that is appropriate to her place in the royal pecking order, she also projects a similar air of regal elegance and even a subtler but visible sense of firmness and ability to control a situation in the role of leader.

“Kate also shows similar levels of fun as the Queen though, but always without lapsing into anything more casual or uncontrolled.

“The source of her humour is always made clear, as it is with the Queen, to avoid any confusion about sharing a private joke at the expense of their hosts or the public.

“Kate’s beautiful smile is storm-proof and she rarely if ever indulges in any body language ‘leakage’ to suggest negative feelings or anxieties behind the scenes.

“The Queen has always managed the skill of looking engaged and authentically pleased to be meeting the people she sees during the royal day and Kate appears to have mastered the same art without ever looking forced or fake.”

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