Love Island’s Liberty has eyebrow lamination in post-villa transformation – but what is it?

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Liberty Poole has only just finished her compulsory post-Love Island isolation, but that hasn’t stopped her from indulging in a post-breakup beauty overhaul.

The blonde bombshell, who recently called time on her relationship with Jake Cornish, stunned fans with her beautiful quarantine makeover as she shared some new pictures with her 1.3 million Instagram followers.

Lib wore her long blonde hair up in a high ponytail, with lengthy faux lashes defining her blue eyes. Now that she’s been released from quarantine, she’s also opting to have her brows done as part of the next phase of her transformation.

The 21 year old indulged in an eyebrow lamination treatment, a trending way to get a semi-permanent “microblade” look. The treatment involves various solutions being left on the brows for several minutes at a time, and the overall aim is to straighten the brow hairs and set them in a defined, upright direction.

Salon treatments like the one Lib went for will cost you around £50-£60, depending on where you go, but there are kits on the market promising to give you a DIY laminated look for less.

To see if we could copy Lib’s defined brow from home, OK! deputy beauty ed Zoe put Makeup Revolution’s Eyebrow Lamination Kit, £20 here, to the test.

Zoe says:

I’ve seen Makeup Revolution’s kit all over TikTok, with users hailing the results as “near professional”. I don’t mean to brag but I am something of a lamination expert, having tried two other home kits and numerous professional treatments over the past year or two.

There were a few things I immediately liked about this kit. First, it’s £20. Excellent. Second, the bottles are pump designs, which means the air shouldn’t get into the formulas and cause them to weaken. Since this kit can be used up to five or six times, you definitely don’t want the products becoming oxidised. Less potent = less lasting results.

The instructions are foolproof, and everything is labelled. There’s a brow glue labelled step one, a brow lift labelled step two, a brow fix labelled step three, an oil labelled step four, and two types of applicator brushes. The only additional things you need to hand are a strip of cling film and some cotton pads.

I noticed immediately when applying the first liquid to my brows that it didn’t have that pungent lamination smell to it. I persevered, despite worrying that the results wouldn’t be quite as good as I had hoped. I let the first solution sit on my brows for six minutes under cling film, before wiping off and applying step two. After another six minutes, I removed it. Normally you’d finish with step four, a hydrating oil, but I applied my brow tint first.

I explain in the video that I need a brow tint so that my eyebrows can be visible against my skin. If you also tint your brows, you’ll want to do the same as me and apply that after you’ve finished lamination. Doing it before is pointless as the lamination solutions will dissolve it.

My verdict? The kit is great for a first timer. It helps you understand the process, and the time it takes to do it (around 20 minutes). The actual results though aren’t comparable to a salon brow lamination, in my opinion. My brow hairs, though straighter than before, weren’t quite so “cemented” in place, and the final look was more fluffy than microblade definition.

Will I use it again? Probably, but I’ll stay loyal to the salon treatment for any big event.

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