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IS keeping your home tidy cleaning out your wallet?

I am a huge fan of Gemma Bray (, who can help you sort your house in as little as 30 minutes a day with The Organised Mum Method.

But she is also thrifty. Here are Gemma’s great time AND money-saving tips . . .

BACK TO BASICS: Gemma says: “If you’ve caught the cleaning bug, it can be tempting to stock up on products hoping the new contents of your cleaning caddy will make tidying up your home easier and faster. But a basic kit (that costs next to nothing) can do a brilliant job. Mine includes, reusable cloths, white vinegar (great for tackling windows and limescale) and hot soapy water — one of the best things for cutting through grease.”

My tip: Asda’s distilled white vinegar is just 5p per 100ml, making it 29p a bottle. Tesco’s sell it for 40p.

SAVE: 11p

A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY: Gemma says: “Using only the amount of product as directed and up the effort that you put in, your products will last longer, and you will save money.”

My tip: If you’re using a bleach solution for floors, try to dilute it a bit further with an extra cup of water – that will make it last even longer.

EMBRACE DUMPSTING: Gemma says: “Dumpsting is just a quicker way of saying ‘damp dusting’. It could not be simpler — you are just ditching the polish and cleaning your furniture with a damp cloth. This is highly effective as it traps the dust, rather than spreading it into the air.”

My tip: Old clothes can be repurposed as cleaning cloths.

GO RETRO: Gemma says: “Stop buying disposable cloths and use an old-fashioned reusable dishcloth. They’re more robust and better for the planet.”

My tip: I bought an E-Cloth Mini Mop. It’s £16.95 at John Lewis but I saved nearly a fiver by ordering mine on for £12.57.

SAVE: £4.38

  • The Organised Mum Method: Transform your home in 30 minutes a day by Gemma Bray is available in hardback (Piatkus, £12.99).

Deal of the day

CLEAN up with the Shark upright vacuum & steam mop bundle, down from £299 to £199 at and get a free car-cleaning kit with code FREECARKIT.

SAVE: £100+

Cheap treat

POT Noodle fans should pop to Asda to pick up their favourite flavour for 50p, reduced from £1.

SAVE: 50p

Top swap

TOASTED sandwich anyone? I do like the Breville sandwich toaster, £24 at Currys but to save my cash I am more than happy with Aldi’s version for £7.99.

SAVE: £16.01

Shop & save

PORTION up your food with Sainbury’s Home klip lock multipack storage pots. The 12-piece set is £10 at Sainsbury’s, down from £20.

SAVE: £10

Reader's saving tip

JOHN LOCKE from Bucknell, Shropshire, says: “If storing flower bulbs until planting time, coat them in talcum powder. It stops them going mouldy, and deters rodents.”

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