Man Playing Lottery Shocks Reporter With How He’d Spend His Winnings

A man in Shreveport, Louisiana, didn’t win last night’s Powerball jackpot — but he may have won the internet with his dreams of how he’d spend his winnings.

The man, identified only as “James,” was being interviewed by Kori Johnson of KSLA TV, a CBS affiliate in Shreveport, when he frankly admitted what he’d do if he won the nearly $700 million prize.

“Well, I’m definitely going to get a new supercharged Mustang with dual exhausts, and about five kilos of cocaine, and I’ll be good to go,” James said.

As you can see in the clip below, that was not the answer Johnson (or anyone) expected, but the reporter handled things like a pro by deftly changing the subject.

“So you like cars?” she asked.

Johnson then bantered with KSLA anchor Doug Warner, who was back in the studio.

“I don’t like cars. I don’t know what I would do with all of that money. I would have to sit on it, pray on it for a day. Figure out what I want to do with it,” she said. “But Doug, back to you.

Neither Johnson nor Warner addressed James’ comments on air, but Johnson earned praise for the way she handled the encounter.

Alas, James’s dreams didn’t come true on Tuesday night.

The winning ticket was sold in California, according to The Associated Press.




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