Mum fumes at ‘last minute’ Valentine’s Day card her husband picked up for her

A mum wasn’t very happy with the Valentine’s Day card she got from her husband.

Even though the love letter featured a teddy bear, love hearts and roses, it also included a very glaring error.

The words “to my handsome fiancé” are written across the top in gold calligraphy.

And as the wife isn’t handsome or a fiancé, she wasn’t very impressed.

On Mumsnet, the anonymous lass wrote: “My husband is a typical last-minute card and present buyer, but this really takes the biscuit.

“His excuses – it was the last one left in Tesco Express, Asda was too busy and he had forgotten his glasses.”

The woman wasn’t happy with this explanation – especially when she pointed out a card could have been picked up earlier.

She added: “Excuse for not buying one earlier – he is recovering from his Covid jab (he had it on Thursday).

“Excuse for not buying one before then – none.”

Some commenters weren’t impressed with the husband’s effort level.

A Mumsnetter wrote: “Yeah that is pretty crap. Wrong on all levels!”

Another agreed: “Oh my! Yeah I would rather he didn’t bother. That’s just rude. It would be funny if you’re not in the situation.”

And a third added: “That is crap! He could at least have snipped the top off, the design on the card means he could have cut it into quite a nice shape if he cut around the top heart.

“Yes I think I'd rather have had a homemade card or some kind of love voucher than one calling me a bloke.

"Still, at least he thinks you're handsome!”

Others managed to see the funny side of the situation though.

A commenter admitted: “I thought it was quite funny.”

Another giggled: “Hahaha! Did he go self checkout? Bless him, God does love a trier.

“I wouldn’t be disappointed, but may use it as a excuse for extra attention on Valentine’s night.

“A long massage first would be nice for example.”

And a third reassured: “Lol yeah that's pretty crap but I would probably just laugh and take the Mickey for at least the next year, and expect him to pay for a takeaway tonight.

“I personally wouldn’t get really cross, but it depends on your relationship and how seriously you take Valentine’s Day.”

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