Mum shaved ‘entire’ body for first birth but has ‘sasquatch bush’ by fifth child

Giving birth is a natural experience – and that means things can get a little messy at times.

Hours of pushing and screaming through the pain paired with the loose bowels of labour is part and parcel of the experience.

But, that doesn't mean some women will try and control how they look while they give birth.

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Mum-of-five Majda Medved is no stranger to this.

Before her first child, the pregnant mum acquainted herself well with shaving cream and a razor.

However, things certainly changed when she got around to her fifth child.

In a TikTok clip that has racked up millions of views, Majda candidly shared her new and old pre-birthing routine.

The stunning pregnant mum stripped off to her bikini and smothered her whole body in shaving cream.

"My 1st pregnancy: shaving every single hair before labour like an elegant classy woman so the nurses aren't grossed out", she admitted.

Although, this was not the case for each of her pregnancies.

Majda decided to embrace the 'bush'.

"My 5th pregnancy: not giving a f*** and showing up like sasquatch and an 80's bush", Majda shared.

The parent found out that ,hair or not, nurses do not care what a woman looks like.

"Spoiler alert: the nurses don’t give a f*** either."

Majda was not the only one to embrace her inner sasquatch as many women fled to the comments to relate to the birthing experience.

One person commented: "My worse fear is pooping."

Another woman added: "This is my fourth and at this point as long as the baby doesn’t get stuck in hair I don't care if they care."

While a third related: "Girl I went into labour so fast at 7am they got morning breath and Chewbacca."

Someone else shared: "I don't even shave for my boyfriend…I'd definitely never shave to give birth."

Meanwhile, a fifth woman revealed: "I farted on them and they were so gracious but I think about it all the time."

Fear not, ladies! As a nurse took to the comments to reveal how she feels about a bush on women giving birth.

"Postpartum nurse here, I can proudly say we really don’t care if you have hair, if anything, it makes you more beautifully feminine!" she reassured.


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