People reveal their MOST embarrassing dates

That’s one way to make an impression! Singletons share toe-curling dates that were memorable for all the wrong reasons – including a woman who spat her drink into her date’s MOUTH

  • People from around the world shared their most embarrassing dating stories
  • Posting on Whisper, one woman was left red-faced after her corset popped off
  • Another admitted she wet herself because she was too shy to go to the toilet

Making a lasting impression on a first date is always a good thing, so long as it’s for the right reasons.

People from around the world took to anonymous sharing app Whisper to share the times when their dates were memorable for all the wrong reasons, from a woman who peed her pants to a singleton who farted loudly in the middle of a meal.

One Texan dater recalled how they sat through the whole meal with a piece of watermelon hanging from their nose without realising. 

Another woman told how she fell hard on the ice while taking a romantic stroll through the snow in Colorado.  

Let it all hang out! People from around the world confessed memories from their most embarrassing dates – including a woman who was left red faced when her corset popped off 

Say it, don’t spray it! A woman who accidentally spat her drink out while laughing said she wasn’t given a second date 

Having a wee-ly good time! One woman revealed she was too shy to excuse herself and go to the bathroom, which led to peeing all over the floor 

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Food for thought: Another singleton, who lives in Texas, said they were unaware of watermelon hanging out of their nose until they got home 

Back to the friend zone! A woman, who lives in Texas, shared the awkward moment she received a text from a male friend calling her ‘babe’

Time to go to the doctor? A person from Michigan revealed they’ve thrown up on multiple dates

Awkward! One woman from California accidentally farted so loud that the wine glasses shook and everyone in the restaurant went quiet 

Emergency! One diner from Texas was surprised to discover they had an allergy to mushrooms 

She peed herself with excitement! One person, who lives in Seattle, said they were forced to cancel a date after drinking so much water that they wet themselves on the way there 

Better luck next time! A woman, from Rhode Island, said she told her date he ‘looked clean’ while struggling to give him a compliment 

Heavy burden to bear: Another person confessed they dropped a bowling ball on a man’s foot during a date

Making the best of a bad situation! A woman from Colorado was relieved when her date saw the funny side

Did anyone else hear that? This dater was left embarrassed when they farted during a date

I promise I’m having fun! This person from Dallas, Texas, had to work really hard to recover after dozing off

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