Rmvistar Picks Global Rights to Mr. Bug’s ‘Anacronte,’ Having Joined Series Project ‘Eloize’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Global distribution-production company Rmvistar has acquired global rights to the multi-award-winning animated short “Anacronte,” produced by leading Argentine animation house Mr. Bug Studio in collaboration with the film’s co-director Raúl Koler.

At the same time, Rmvistar has also confirmed that it will be partnering with the folks at Mr. Bug on a new high-concept science fiction series titled “Eloize.” Rmvistar will also keep hold of exclusive global rights for the upcoming series and present both properties at this year’s MipTV market.

With colorful 3D animation, a touching original soundtrack and a cameo from Mozart’s Lacrimosa, “Anacronte” is a visual representation of Hamlet’s question of “Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them.”

Nameless characters traversing an endless ethereal plane are randomly struck from behind by arrow-like projectiles which signify misfortune in their earthly lives. Some respond well, overcoming the worst that fate has to offer and even fighting back, while others succumb and are transformed into more archers of misery, firing indiscriminately towards the crowd.

“Anacronte” was among 2020’s best-traveled films, playing in more than 300 festivals worldwide and scooping prizes at more than a third of them. Most recently, the film scored three awards at the 2021 Filmhaus: Berlin Film + New Media Competition, including best short, best animation and best CGI & Visual Effects.

Koler co-wrote the film’s script with Sabrina Pace and was joined as co-director by Mr. Bug executive director Emiliano Sette, who also executive produced the short as part of a team including Yashira Jordán and Francisco Zamudio. Nelson Luty was art director on the film whose original music was composed by the team of Andres Goldstein and Daniel Tarrab.

“Rmvistar is thrilled to have secured the global rights to ‘Anacronte’ and the amazing universe that the creative team at Mr. Bug brings to life in their immensely powerful, one-of-a-kind film,” said Rmvistar founder and president Rose Marie Vega. “Having begun developing ‘Eloize’ with Emiliano and Alejandro, all I can say is… Wow! What a pleasure it is to collaborate with them and experience first-hand their limitless imaginations at work.”

Sette and Mr. Bug co-executive director, producer and screenwriter Alejandro Dajil are teaming with Vega on the development of “Eloize.” Set in a world where humankind is no longer capable of dreaming, a new app called Dragonfly appears on the scene, promising to allow users to not only dream once again, but offering them access to other people’s dreams as well.

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