Tati Gabrielle Weighs In on How Netflix's 'You' Should End for Joe Goldberg

The perfect ending. When it comes to Joe Goldberg’s potential conclusion on Netflix’s You, Tati Gabrielle already has a vision for the main character’s demise.

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“I would love for Henry to somehow be a part of Joe’s demise,” the actress, 27, who plays Marienne, exclusively told Us Weekly on Monday, March 13, referring to Joe’s (Penn Badgley) son. “I think that that would just be really interesting in a full circle sort of way. Because what started Joe on his murderous sort of kick was the fact that he killed his father or killed his mother’s significant other. So that would be really interesting.”

After Joe’s return to New York at the end of season 4, Gabrielle said seeing him get “cornered” would be the perfect next story.

“I would love to see him actually be prosecuted and be locked away in a cage for the rest of his life,” she continued. “Because I also think that everybody’s like, ‘He needs to die.’ And death is too easy of a punishment. Like if anything, that’s almost a gift. Especially for Joe. We see him try to kill himself already, so I feel like making him sit with those thoughts and having him go crazy with that — I think that is a more fitting punishment.”

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During the second part of the new season, viewers found out that Marienne was able to escape after being held captive by Joe. For Gabrielle, it remains unclear how the experience will affect Marienne going forward.

“I think [I] want revenge for Marienne, but I don’t think that Marienne is a vengeful person,” she shared with Us. “She would want to seek justice because I don’t think that it sits right in her spirit that he’s gotten it away with it again. That he’s out there and to know that his mind has broken completely at this point. [She would be] afraid of any other woman or any other person that could be out there that could be his next victim.”

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina alum continued: “I would say that I would love to see Marienne find that revenge or find that justice. Or just to be able to see her find peace because she’s never really at peace through her life. I think she’s worked really hard for it.”

Before part 2 of season 4 premiered on Netflix, Badgley, 36, also weighed in on what he would like to see happen to his character.

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“Joe is a perfect device because you can delve into something, but you always have the safety cord or the safety net of, ‘Yeah, but he’s a hypocrite.’ We are all exploring something earnestly, I think. But of course nobody has a perfect perspective, so if there’s any place where it’s really got some blind spots, well, that’s Joe, frankly. That’s OK. So, in a way, I really like that,” the Gossip Girl alum explained to Salon in February. “So, just because he’s thinking it and saying it, doesn’t mean that we think it’s right. But he is getting at something, and of course people can identify with that. So to me, Joe is like, he’s a many-sided die. He’s got too many sides, and he needs to die.”

Meanwhile, Gabrielle praised the hit show’s writing team for continuing to build up Joe’s demise on screen.

“I was really excited and I also was just really enthralled by the twist in general of Joe’s mind having broken in this way. He sort of fully is going off the rails,” she added on Monday. “I give big props to [showrunner] Sera Gamble and our writing team of continuing to top themselves as far as Joe’s arc. Because at first it’s like, ‘Oh, he’s just a serial killer that goes around stalking and killing people.’ But to show such like a very real devolution of someone’s mind. I think is is really clever on their part.”

You season 4 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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