The Sill’s Having A Sale On Select Plants Right Now

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You might be thinking of different ways to go green in the new decade, like getting more veggies in your meal-prepping sessions, figuring out what clothing brands are ethical and eco-friendly, and ditching plastic whenever possible.

Or maybe 2020 is the year you’re hoping to get a green thumb. (You wouldn’t be alone — there’s a growing number of plant parents out there.) If that’s your goal, it’s really mint to be, because we just spotted a sale on houseplants.

The Sill, known for its line of houseplants and subscription boxes, is having a “Houseplant Appreciation Sale” until Friday, Jan. 17. Five of The Sill’s favorite houseplants, including philodendron, snake plant and pothos, are on sale for 25% off. This sale is even better than the brand’s early Black Friday deal, when only the popular porthos plant was half-off.

The houseplants that are on sale come in their own planters, and you can choose the color of it. Some of The Sill’s merch — including a long-sleeved T-shirt and beanie printed with the word “plants,” as well as a “plant mom” tote — is also on sale.

Check out the five plants that are on sale right now at The Sill:

Bird’s Nest Fern

Philodendron Green

Snake Plant Zeylanica

Pothos Plant

ZZ Plant

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