The Six Most Eccentric Millionaires & Billionaires

It is not always true that only bad and destructive things come out of a person’s impulses and eccentricities. Constructive and innovative projects often emerge out of these whims that wealthy personalities can easily afford with their millions of dollars worth of wealth. Sometimes they even inspire revolutions that pave the way for a new way of living that millionaires choose and can afford to live, which is mostly different from the usual lavish living.

So, here is a glimpse at a few millionaires that are termed as somewhat ‘eccentric.’

6 Scott Alexander

Scott Alexander is one from the millionaire club who likes to show off his success and has found innovative ways of showcasing his wealth. Like most other millionaires, he has made a show of his shiny cars and luxury estates, but somehow the millionaire felt this was not enough.

Scott Alexander made news when he decided to purchase his town in Bulgaria. He believes purchasing a town in his beloved Bulgaria is a worthy investment. This coastal town has a complicated name, according to Alexander, so he has decided to name it after himself.

5 Nicolas Berggruen

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The famous art collector and dealer Hein Berggruen’s son Nicholas has had a taste of wealth since he was a child. But he chose new paths in finance and governance to take it a step ahead. One of Nicolas’ most remarkable achievements in life is how he turned a $250,000 fortune into $2 billion.

Even more admirable than this is his venture to give away most of his billion-dollar fortune to charity. It is often speculated that Berggruen is either not fond of all the wealth he has seen in life or has grown tired of it. He is also devoid of any fancy mansion or luxury estate and is very popularly known as ‘the billionaire without a home,’ which is indicative of his often free-moving nature.

4 Clive Palmer

The Australian business person and politician Clive Frederick Palmer is best known for his holdings in iron cores through mineralogy, nickel, and coal. 2019 was a crucial year for Palmer as he successfully emerged as a billionaire. The source of his high income was his self-made business and mining projects.

Palmer, who is currently worth an impressive $3.8 billion, is also one of the most eccentric on the list. For someone as rich as Palmer, the desired pet could easily be a dinosaur. The businessperson has spent millions of dollars on dinosaur cloning. He has avid interests in animals and assets of the past. Further, he also looks forward to rebuilding the replica of the Titanic that was lost to the oceans.

3 Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein became a billionaire by marrying Alec N. Wildenstein, but the couple divorced in 1999. However, that was not the sole reason for the Socialite losing all of her wealth. It was more like she submitted to her whims and soon tasted bankruptcy.

Jocelyn is famous for her face transformations through cosmetic surgeries and is often referred to as the ‘Catwoman’ because of her feline facial features. The consecutive surgeries stopped when it was decided in court that Jocelyn could not use the new money from the divorce settlement for her eccentric transformations. Her current net worth is estimated to be about $10 million.

2 Elon Musk

Elon Musk married and divorced the British actress twice in his life, and that is not even close to the most eccentric thing he has done. He had another marriage before Riley, which is still in the realm of his personal life. His net worth today is over a mind-blowing $156 billion.

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Musk, who is the founder and CEO of several tech companies like SpaceX and Tesla, has become a billionaire over years of success. Even when nobody believes in his ideas, he knows he has the resources and the intellect to make it happen. But when Musk faced some criticism over his huge amassment of wealth, he was easily affected and decided to sell his properties as a sign of strength. He did it as a gesture to show the world that he was not tied to his possessions but is simply a free thinker.

1 Graham Pendrill

Graham Pendrill might be scoffed at, but what he has done for charitable causes is one of the most notable acts ever done. This British millionaire gave away all of his wealth to charity. The 57-year-old had made his million-dollar empire through his business in antique dealings.

After giving away all of his money, he even moved to Kenya to settle there. There he did not stay in a mansion or a fancy apartment. Instead, he chose a mud house and got closely associated with a tribe to help them solve a dispute. Given his courage and fortitude of character to purge himself of all luxury, he is often referred to as the ‘Brave One.’

The eccentric habits of millionaires are anything but unsurprising. At times, they might run out of ways to spend their ever-growing wealth, and at other times they choose to give it all away for a more humble life. Either way, it shows that the wealthy do have the freedom to be as eccentric as they please with their wealth without having to think twice.

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