Woman told she’s got a ‘keeper’ after boyfriend’s sweet gesture on lads holiday

A lads holiday usually consist of a lot of boozing and a lot of bonking – so it is obvious why some of their other halves may be a little concerned about their trip away.

But for Bonnie Penn, she did not have to worry about the loyalty of her fella when he jetted off abroad on a boys' only trip.

And, people have declared that he really is a keeper.

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In a TikTok clip that has racked up a huge 3.4million views, Bonnie shared what her other half, Harry, got up to on the club dancefloor.

It seemed he was on his best behaviour, that’s for sure.

With her hair scraped back in a pony and her face halfway off the screen, the babe shared: “My boyfriend of 2 ½ years on his lads holiday everyone.”

No, he didn’t smooch another woman or have his eyes wonder elsewhere.

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Harry stayed very loyal indeed, so much so people have been heart-warmed by the gesture.

Busting some moves, the lad held his phone up to his face to show the fellow club goers a snap of the loved up pair.

That’s one way to show that you are truly off bounds!

Many people fled to the comments to praise Harry for his actions, and even urged the pair to get hitched.

One person commented: “You got a keeper gal.”

Another user added: “That’s reassurance at its finest.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “I sat here and literally said to myself 'please don’t be kissing another girl' then I saw the rest and went to 'aw that’s so cute!'.”

Someone else expressed: “This gives me hope.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person urged: “You're getting married to him 100%.”


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