Your Aries Monthly Horoscope for November

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My dear Aries, November is a month where you will boss up and transform into the bold ram you were meant to be. You can feel much-needed clarity around your relationships, agreements, and contracts thanks to Mercury finally exiting its retrograde shadow period on November 2. This will feel especially noticeable during the New Moon in Scorpio on November 4, centered in your eighth house of personal power. Expect the forward movement of important contracts, investments, negotiations, legal matters, and sudden shifts in your finances (or a partner’s).

The next day on November 5, Mercury, the planet of communication, will also join the party in Scorpio. This will trigger further movement and conversations surrounding your money, investments, and shared resources. On the same day, the ruler of material possessions, Venus, moves into the stable earth sign of Capricorn in your house of career. Together, this planetary shift is bringing positive changes in your income and ushering in a time to receive abundance as a result of your past hard work. You deserve it, my Aries love!

Eclipse season begins with a partial lunar eclipse in the abundant earth sign of Taurus on November 19. Lunar eclipses are also categorized as Full Moons, except they pack more of a punch because they happen close to the karmic nodes of the Moon! In this case, the Moon in Taurus will oppose the Sun in Scorpio, activating both polarities. Eclipse season initiates change for the next six months in the sign that they occur in. For you, this will be in the area of earned income, money, shared resources, and investments. The Moon is very comfortable in this area of your life, so expect improvements, but with this comes change.

As the month comes to a close, Sagittarius season officially begins on November 21 as the Sun moves into the energy of growth, optimism, freedom, and expansion. Sagittarius is not as intense as Scorpio energy, but as the astrological wheel informs us, you have to go through the Scorpio school of transformation before you can move forward with Sagittarius wisdom. You have gone through the gauntlet, and this will be a time to come out of the other side even stronger and informed. As a result of everything you’ve learned, you will feel ready to make decisions towards your personal empowerment and growth moving into December.

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