You’ve been hanging wallpaper wrong – DIY fan’s hack solves plug socket problem

Decorating your house can often be on the pricey side.

Having to fork out for different tradesmen to do the job properly, the bank funds can quickly dwindle.

Sometimes we opt to give renovation work a go ourselves – but, it doesn't always turn out like we hoped for like this DIY fail.

Thankfully, one bloke has shared his super simple wallpaper hack that is bound to make wallpapering a lot easier.

As pesky plug sockets can get in the way when you're trying to hang wallpaper sheets straight, he came up with a handy solution.

Taking to TikTok, life hack enthusiast @myart1979 recommends slicing through the paper to make it look like it's been done by a pro.

In the clip, the bloke first puts the wallpaper sheet over the plug socket so he knows where to cut.

Next, the budding decorator then gets a blade and slices a cross in the wallpaper creating four triangle shaped pieces of paper.

This allows the plug socket to poke through.

After this, he bloke smooths down the wallpaper around the edges and then slices off the triangles.

And, there you have it, a perfectly hung piece of wallpaper.

Impressively, the wallpaper hack has now racked up 15.3 million views and a whopping 376,000 likes online.

Many people rushed to the comments to express their delight over the nifty wallpaper hack.

One person simply commented: “Wow".

Another user added: “You make it look so easy.”

However some people were less concerned with the hack and more bothered by the fact that people still use wallpaper.

One person said: “I’m sorry I have to ask who seriously still uses wallpaper”

Someone else remarked: “I haven't seen wallpaper in 20 years.”

A third user joked: “Better hack – don’t use wallpaper.”

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