You’ve been using fan wrong as mistake means you could be making room hotter

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With the current hot UK weather and recent heatwave, we're sure many Brits have dug out their fans to cool themselves down.

But did you know that you could be making a simple mistake which actually is making the room hotter?

Fan experts Delmar Fans said the direction that the wind is blowing in makes a huge difference to the temperature of the room.

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They say, if you set the fan to blow anti-clockwise, you will feel far cooler.

This is because the anti-clockwise blade rotation pushes the cool air down to the floor.

The cooler air will evaporate sweat and create a wind chill effect, which helps you stay comfortable and refreshed during the night.

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If you want to stay even cooler though, Silentnight's sleep expert Dr Nerina Ramlakhan explained to The Independent why you should fill a roasting tin with ice.

She said: "Ideally, in order for us to sleep well, there needs to be a fractional temperature difference between our body and our brain – a warm body and a cool head!"

Before going to sleep, place a fan behind the tin so it wafts cool air in your direction during the night.

Alternatively, you can fill a hot water bottle with icy water and place it over your body's "cooling points" – i.e. your elbows, ankles, knees and wrists.

Another hack is to run your wrists under cold water after you've finished brushing your teeth so you're nice and cool when you get into bed.

The tips come after experts explained why you shouldn't sleep naked and should avoid masturbating in a heatwave.


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