‘Cannibal cut off date’s penis’ and ‘watched him bleed to death in murder’

A man has died after his penis was chopped off by an alleged cannibal killer.

Stefan Trogisch, 43, bled to death allegedly at the hands of school teacher Stefan R, 43, who first told police he found him dead after a drug and alcohol-fuelled sex session in Germany.

According to German newspaper Bild, an autopsy on Tuesday revealed a severed artery in the groin area killed the electrician on September 6, 2020.

The alleged murderer claims he found Mr Trogisch dead on his sofa in Berlin and decided to removed his penis to destroy evidence that he had given him oral sex.

"It would have come out that I am homosexual," Stefan R explained despite the autopsy confirming it was losing his penis that killed Mr Trogisch, MailOnline reports.

The maths and chemistry teacher previously told the court that he suspected Mr Trogisch died from a cocktail of narcotics and alcohol, but his theory has been dismissed by forensic specialist Michael Tsokos.

The accused, who had an account on human slaughter forums, was found to have searched online: "Does skin grow over a penis once it's removed?"

A court in Germany heard how twisted cannibalism-related online searches led to him buying a €176 (£150) freezer five days before his date with Mr Trogisch.

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In preparation for their date, the suspect laid out a three-part butcher knife set and a bone saw next to his bedroom cupboard and hung up a sex swing in the living room.

A sign left on an apartment window ledge said: "Instructions for emasculating and slaughtering a person."

Prosecutor's office spokesman Martin Steltner said: "The suspect had an interest in cannibalism. He searched online for the topic."

Stefan R is alleged to have chopped his victim into pieces which he then disposed of around Berlin.

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Just hours after allegedly murdering Mr Trogisch, Stefan R told another human slaughter forum member: "I have it [the penis] now!"

Police found 25kg of a cleaning agent in his apartment that police said was "suitable for dissolving human tissue".

Investigators found traces of Mr Trogisch's blood in the apartment's hallway after discovering his body parts around the German capital.

Stefan R has maintained his innocence since being charged with murder on May 18 this year, claiming any online links to cannibalism were nothing more than fantasies.

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Mr Trogisch had been reported missing by his flatmates in early September last year after leaving his apartment in Lichtenberg shortly before midnight on September 5 and failing to return.

Pieces of Mr Trogisch's leg bone were found in a park on November 8, over two months since he had been reported missing.

Sniffer dogs helped locate other body parts.

A police spokesman said at the time: "Because of the completely fleshless bone, and other evidence, we strongly suspect that Stefan T was the victim of a cannibal."

The trial against him is still ongoing with the next hearing scheduled for Friday, November 12.

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