Dog likened to ‘Hannibal Lecter’ but with ‘loving heart’ desperate for new home

Only the hardiest dog owner need apply when it comes to adopting this high maintenance pooch.

Described by his current foster carer as a cross between Hannibal Lecter and Pennywise, it's clear that French bulldog Dennis the Menace can be a bit of a pawful.

But his carer Emma Caskie, on behalf of the Friends of Animals Wales, rescue says the pooch is a big softy really.

She said: "Underneath the tough, slightly unhinged guy act there is a loveable rogue that secretly loves cuddles and sofa naps, and is a little dog crying out for stability and routine.”

Emma said the "misunderstood soul" should only be adopted by, "adults only who aren’t easily scared".

In an amusing adoption letter, she described him as, "the most cheeky, funny, sensitive, naughty, reactive Frenchie that has had a really tough past and is desperate to trust people but sadly his past experiences have just made him not want to easily".

The three year old pooch who "has a knack of getting himself up to mischief", has found himself back in foster care for the second time in 12 months.

And Emma likened him to a gremlin in her plea for a new home for the wayward pup.

She said: “Do you enjoy thriller movies? Do you often find yourself thinking the main characters are misunderstood and not really possessed?!

"Then Dennis the Menace is the dog for you, as everyday with Dennis is like living in a real-life thriller, some days you might be living with the canine version of Hannibal Lecter, and others you might be cuddled up next to the dog version of mogwai in gremlins… just don’t get him wet or the slightly naughtier gremlin might arrive!"

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While Dennis make look like he's a "silent assassin", Emma says his fiery personality to strangers only comes from his tough past.

"The best way to keep strangers away is to terrify them with his best angry pig impression when he first meets people, or if people come into his house uninvited," she joked. He wouldn’t get picked on an episode of first dates!

“Underneath the tough, slightly unhinged guy act there is a loveable rogue that secretly loves cuddles and sofa naps, and is a little dog crying out for stability and routine.”

With Dennis, first impressions are everything. Emma added: “Dennis very much chooses how he will interact with people, we haven’t decided if he does this on looks, smell, fashion sense or accent but Dennis will 100% judge you when you first meet but once he trusts you then he is totally fine being handled and being touched.”

Dennis is hoping to find a single person household where he can lap up all of the attention, with his owner home most of the time.

Emma explained: “Due to Dennis occasionally having episodes of making Pennywise look tame it’s best for him to be in an adult only home.

“The ideal home for Dennis would be adults only who aren’t easily scared, no children, a calm resident dog or he can be an only dog, and someone home the majority of the day as Dennis isn’t a fan of being left for long periods of time. He is fine with cats – he must know they are secretly plotting to take over the world and he respects that level of arrogance.”

Emma describes Dennis as having an ‘obsessive personality’, which currently manifests as a toy obsession, believing they should all be destroyed immediately.

If you think you could give Dennis the Menace the fur-ever home he deserves, you can fill in a Friends of Animals, Wales, adoption enquiry form here.

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