National Lottery results LATEST: Winning Lotto numbers revealed as Saturday jackpot now HUGE rollover of £11.1million

TONIGHT's National Lottery jackpot draw saw no winners scoop the top prize – meaning Saturday's jackpot is now a whopping £11.1million.

Wednesday's winning numbers were 08, 20, 22, 39, 47 and 48 with a bonus ball of 16.

And the Thunderball results were 06, 07, 15, 22 and 38, while the Thunderball itself was 01.

But as no one claimed the Lotto jackpot this evening, Saturday's main prize rolls over yet again to over £11m.

Just 48 players managed to net themselves £1,750 in the Lotto main draw by matching five numbers, while a further 3,120 earned £140 each by matching four numbers.

Earlier this week, no one bagged Tuesday's EuroMillions top prize – meaning Friday's jackpot rolls over to a staggering £46MILLION.

However 3 ticket holders bagged £151,000 each after matching five numbers and one Lucky Star.

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  • Milica Cosic

    Where the money raised by the Lottery goes to

    In the year ending 31 March 2021, the funds were shared as follows:

    • Health, education, environment and charitable causes – 40%
    • Sport – 20%
    • Arts – 20%
    • Heritage – 20%

    The probabilities of…

    According to a CPA review, people are more likely to do the following than win the lottery:

    1. Die from an asteroid strike: 1 in 74,817,414
    2. Become a movie star: 1 in 1,505,000
    3. Get struck by lightning: 1 in 1,101,000
    4. Bowl a 300 game: 1 in 11,500

    Eight tips to help you win the lottery

    Do you want to boost your probability of hitting the jackpot price in lotto?

    Here are some tips on how to increase your chances of winning.

    1. To increase your probability of winning, you need to buy more tickets. 
    2. Form a lottery syndicate where you gather money from lottery players.
    3. Don’t choose consecutive numbers.
    4. Don’t choose a number that falls in the same number group or ending with a similar digit.
    5. Look for more unpopular games played at odd times.
    6. Better if you will play less popular lottery games with fewer players, so you will have less competition.
    7. Some people tend to play lotto based from the numbers of their birthday, or the birthday of a family member. 
    8. Keep in mind that every number in the lottery has an equal probability of being chosen as the winning number.
    • Milica Cosic

      'Britain's unluckiest couple'

      “BRITAIN’S unluckiest couple” unfortunately split up after missing out on a huge £3million Lottery jackpot.

      Martyn and Kay Tott were overjoyed when finding out they had bought the winning Lottery ticket back in 2001.

      But their joy quickly turned to “torture” upon discovering the ticket was missing – and a 30-day window to report it had passed.

      Martyn said the near-win “quickly highlighted our differences” and lead to bickering, with the married couple mutually agreeing their relationship had run its course.

      But he now feels the loss was a good thing, saying “there is no guarantee it would have brought me happiness”.

      The couple, who lived in Watford at the time, realised they had won an unclaimed prize six months after buying the ticket in 2001.

    • Joseph Gamp

      Recap: Wednesday's winning numbers

      Wednesday’s winning numbers were: 08, 20, 22, 39, 47 and 48.

      And the bonus ball was 16.

      There were no jackpot winners – meaning Saturday's top prize is now £11.1M.

    • Joseph Gamp

      Lottery fairytales gone wrong

      Not all lottery winners have such modest tastes including Lotto lout Michael Carroll who bagged £9.7million in 2002.

      The former binman, who was branded the ‘King of Chavs’, blew his hefty fortune on “drugs, sex and gold”.

      Callie Rogers, who at 16 became Britain’s youngest lottery winner in 2003, spent thousands of her £1.9m jackpot on wild parties, three boob jobs, designer clothes and drugs.  

      And Lee Ryan, who scooped £6.5m in 1995, ended up penniless and spent two years living on the street after blowing his cash on luxury cars, a helicopter and a £2m home.

    • Joseph Gamp

      Dad's pocket money

      A hospital visit to see her father led lucky Libby Elliot, from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, to win £2,169,664 on the lottery.

      Shortly before leaving, he gave his grandchildren pocket money and “two pounds pocket money” to his daughter too.

      In 2013, Libby, then 57, told the Daily Record: “On a whim, I put it on the Lucky Dip on my way home.”

      The next day, her dad couldn’t believe the news and was amazed that Libby was in hospital with him rather than planning ways to spend her cash. 

      She recalled him saying: “Look at you, you’re a multi-millionaire and yet you’re sitting here beside me.”

      Libby said that memory “still makes me cry” and since then her life has changed drastically.

      She went on to lose 11 stone and went “travelling the world on dream trips – from Jerusalem to Route 66 to Buenos Aires”.

    • Joseph Gamp

      Daughter’s nagging

      Lucky Kerri-Ann Robinson, from Stevenage, Hertfordshire, was studying for her college diploma in business when she won the jackpot. 

      The mature student, then 41, was taking care of her three-year-old daughter when she “begged me for a blackcurrant juice” in 2007.

      Kerri-Ann raced out to the shops at lunchtime and “as an afterthought, chose a Lucky Dip for the Lotto draw that night”.

      The next day during a break between classes, she checked the numbers and discovered she had won £2,543,691.

      In 2019, the mum-of-two told the Mirror: “When I realised I had won everything went blurry. 

      “I put my ticket in my pencil case, rang my mum and burst into tears. She thought something terrible had happened.”

      Kerri-Ann used some of the money to fund her “dream wedding” in 2010 and described walking down the aisle as “one of the most magic moments of my life”. 

    • Joseph Gamp

      Man won £250,000 on Lottery scratchcard – then conned his own mum

      A MAN who won £250,000 on a lottery scratchcard later conned his OAP mum out of tens of thousands of pounds.

      Barry Perryman, 41, won the six-figure sum with his parents seven years ago.

      But within months he was abusing his role as his mother's carer to transfer money from her bank account, a court heard in June this year.

      Perryman, who arrived at court in a wheelchair with his leg in plaster, admitted a four-year long fraud when he appeared at Plymouth Crown Court.

      He was in a syndicate with dad Roy and mum Christine Perryman when they won £250,000 on a scratchcard bought from a Londis store in Keyham, Devon in September 2014.

      The defendant bought the winning ticket, matching four numbers on a Winning 7s card.

    • Joseph Gamp

      Wednesday's HotPicks jackpot also unclaimed

      Tonight's HotPicks £350,000 jackpot also went unclaimed.

      The winning Lotto numbers were 08, 20, 22, 39, 47 and 48 – and the bonus ball was 16.

      Set of balls nine was used and the draw machine was Merlin.

      The Thunderball numbers were 06, 07, 15, 22 and 38 – and the Thunderball was 01.

    • Joseph Gamp

      Saturday jackpot rises to £11.1million

      The National Lottery jackpot has risen to more than £11 million after no-one matched six numbers in Wednesday's draw.

      But one lucky ticket-holder did scoop the £500,000 top prize on the Thunderball game.

      Just 48 players managed to net themselves £1,750 in the Lotto main draw by matching five numbers, while a further 3,120 earned £140 each by matching four numbers.

      It means Saturday's jackpot has risen to £11.1 million

    • Joseph Gamp

      When is the next Lotto draws? 

      The Lotto draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday.

      The next Lotto draw will take place on October 30.

      Punters will be able to watch the draw as it is streamed live on the National Lottery website and on YouTube .

    • Joseph Gamp

      National Lottery weekly timetable

      Here’s a timetable for all UK lottery games including Lotto, EuroMillions and Set For Life.

      There is a draw six nights a week.

      It should be noted that there are no draws on Sundays.

    • Joseph Gamp

      Plumber screamed with joy (continued…)

      Sean said the jackpot came at the end of a "really tough" couple of years that culminated in his dad tragically losing his battle with cancer in the summer.

      The plumber is now planning to pay off his dad's funeral costs and buy a headstone to help his mum out.

      He said: "She’s been my biggest supporter so it’s the best feeling to be able to now support her a bit."

      In a life-changing move, Sean also wants to use his winnings to retrain as a videographer.

      He said: "This win has opened up so many doors and will give me the security to explore a whole new career, so I’m going to do exactly that.”

      Sean, who moved in with his parents a couple of years back, also wants to buy a flat and go travelling in Australia and South East Asia.

      He said: "It’s an amazing feeling to know that if I am careful with this money, then the travels I want to do, the career I want to have and the security I need for the long term can all be achieved, and all thanks to £3 loose change!”

    • Joseph Gamp

      Plumber 'screamed with joy' after winning £300k on scratchcard

      THIS is the heartwarming moment a plumber screamed for joy after discovering he had scooped £300,000 on a Lottery scratchcard.

      Sean Irwin, 36, bought the £3 National Lottery Ruby Doubler Scratchcard when he popped to the shops to get drinks for him and a workmate.

      He was only halfway through scratching it when he realised he had matched two number 22s and revealed the prize symbol for £300,000.

      But the plumber, from Brentwood, Essex, couldn't quite believe his luck so headed back to the site and asked his boss Bill to double check the ticket.

      Incredible video then showed the screaming pair in Sean's car calling Camelot, who confirmed the whopping win.

      Sean said: "It was a classic moment, there’s me and the boss sitting in my little Ford Focus calling Camelot to confirm I’d won £300,000.

      "After all the checks the lady at Camelot started singing ‘Congratulations’ and we both started to cheer, it was flipping brilliant!"

    • Joseph Gamp

      Tonight's Thunderball results revealed

      Wednesday's Thunderball numbers are: 06, 07, 15, 22 and 38.

      The Thunderball itself was 01.

    • Joseph Gamp

      Wednesday's Lotto numbers revealed

      Tonight's Lotto results have been released.

      Wednesday's winning numbers are: 08, 20, 22, 39, 47 and 48.

      And the bonus ball is 16.

    • Joseph Gamp

      Just 30 minutes until Lotto draw

      The Lotto draw takes place in 30 minutes time.

      Tickets for tonight's game can no longer be bought.

      However, at 9pm, you will be able to purchase tickets for Saturday night's draw.

      Stay tuned to the blog for the latest news and numbers.

    • Joseph Gamp

      Tonight's Lotto game closes at 7.30pm

      Make sure you get your tickets NOW – as tonight's Lotto draw closes at 7.30pm.

      The draw will take place at 8pm.

      Keep those fingers and toes crossed.

    • Joseph Gamp

      One hour to go until tonight's Lotto draw

      The jackpot for tonight's National Lottery draw will be an estimated £8.7 million.

      It comes after no-one bagged the top prize on Saturday evening.

      No-one matched all six main numbers, although one lucky player matched five plus the bonus ball to take £1 million, Camelot said.

      Good luck!

    • Joseph Gamp

      That's your lott

      CJ UJAH has been stripped of domestic athletics funding following his Olympics drugs violation.

      The sprinter is suspended from the sport after testing positive for banned substances at the Tokyo Games in August.

      The case has gone to the Court of Arbitration for Sport and the GB team that won 4x100m relay silver behind Italy could be stripped of their medals.

      That would mean heartache for Ujah's Tokyo team-mates Zharnel Hughes, Richard Kilty and Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake.

      Londoner Ujah, 27, was on Olympic Relays funding – between £21,000 and £28,000 – over the past 12 months.

      He insists he is not a cheat and denies any wrongdoing.

    • Joseph Gamp

      What is UK Millionaire Maker?

      For every EuroMillions line played, players automatically receive a UK Millionaire Maker code printed on their ticket.

      The draw guarantees one lucky player will win a sum of £1million.

      A code consists of four letters and five numbers.

      It’s then entered into a raffle and selected at random.

      There used to be two guaranteed millionaire raffle winners per EuroMillions draw, but this was reverted to one in January 2019.

    • Joseph Gamp

      The coupe who lost their winning Lottery ticket

      Couple Martyn and Kay Tott were overjoyed when finding out they had bought the winning Lottery ticket back in 2001… however, their joy quickly turned to “torture”.

      They soon discovered the ticket was missing – and a 30-day window to report it had passed.

      Martyn said the near-win “quickly highlighted our differences” and lead to bickering, with the married couple mutually agreeing their relationship had run its course.

      But he now feels the loss was a good thing, saying “there is no guarantee it would have brought me happiness”.

      Read the article in full here.

    • Joseph Gamp

      Can I still buy a Lotto ticket?

      The deadline for purchasing tickets for tonight’s Lotto draw is 7.30pm.

      But don’t worry if you miss out on tonight’s deadline.

      You’ll be able to buy a ticket for the next draw after 9pm – when both the Lotto and Thunderball draws have taken place.

    • Joseph Gamp

      ….and Thunderball is back at 8.15pm

      If the Lotto draw wasn't enough to feast upon, Thunderball also takes place tonight.

      The draw commences at 8.15pm this evening, and you could be in with a chance of bagging £500,000.

      Good luck!

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