Teenage influence breaks 28 bones after she was run over by a lorry

An influencer who was run over by a truck after she fell off a motorbike broke 28 bones and fractured five vertebrae in the accident.

Beatriz Rabi, 19, said she was on a motorbike with her dad when the pair fell off as they rode over a sandy patch in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

She was then caught up in a near-death accident as a large truck run over her as she hit the road.

The influencer, known for her travel and lifestyle content, said she remained conscious during the accident but lost feeling in her leg.

Beatriz told her 72,300 Instagram followers: "When the lorry passed, nobody saw it at the time, only I felt it.

"Nobody believed me. But, when I arrived at the hospital, the doctor said that the lorry really passed over me and I broke 28 bones."

Speaking from her bed, a tearful Beatriz told her fans everyone is shocked by what happened to her.

Pictures of Beatriz in hospital also surfaced on Instagram as her mum visited and brought her balloons as she recovered.

Her agent said: "The accident was very serious, but she was promptly attended to and, thanks to the hospital's impeccable service, she is no longer at risk."

The teen was also well enough to thank her followers for well wishes.

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Beatriz said: "It was not an easy year and also I did not have a happy ending that people expected, but it is all certain and perfect and that this phase you are in is passing.

"Just a phase and it will serve as a learning for or rest and be able to know that I have you on my side at all times!

"Happy new year and a very good year for all."

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