Adam Sandler Was Spotted Playing Pickup Basketball on Long Island in a Pink Polo

If you play pickup basketball for long enough, you have a good chance of a couple things going down. It’s like collecting scout badges. There’ll be the game you got hot. There’ll be the game you got cold. The time you made a mortal enemy. And the time you met your best friend. At some point, you’ll catch an elbow to the face and spend your night getting stitches in the ER. (Maybe that’s just me. Nine between the eyebrows, blood on everyone.) And someday—especially if you live in the Greater Long Island area and/or are an LA Fitness member—there will be the game you played with Adam Sandler.

When the Sandman isn’t dancing at weddings with Chris Rock’s aunt, or recreating Happy Gilmore’s run-and-whack swing for the hell of it, the man frequents his local blacktop, shooting pickup hoops with randos. This isn’t just a one-off, Uncle Drew-esque PR stunt, either. This is something Sandler does. Often. To give you an idea of how much of a thing this has been over the years: Sandler’s fans have legitimately put together mixtapes of his adventures on the court, from an Atlanta LA Fitness to Christopher Morley Park in New York. (Esquire has him as a three-star recruit and the 78th-best point guard out of New York, FYI.) On Monday morning, we had our latest Air Sandler sighting, with an Instagram user catching him diming in Long Island, per the usual. On this great occasion, we’d like to send up what’s clearly the most essential part of Sandler’s game: The oversized polo.

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