Duchess Meghan ‘clashed with aides’ over freebies, unlike Kate, who wears freebies

What’s striking about the Windsors’ completely obvious and pathetic smear campaign against the Duchess of Sussex is how little they actually have on her. They’re literally manufacturing vague, context-free accusations of “bullying” out of thin air, and they’ve gone back four years to regurgitate some stupid old stories. This particular story was pushed off the top headlines pretty fast, and I think I know why. The story is a four-year old gem about how, as an actress, then-Meghan Markle accepted freebies from designers. The Daily Mail freaked out about that at the time, like they had never heard that celebrities get free shit. Literally every actress with a profile gets free sh-t. Then, when Meghan married Harry, she was told she could not accept freebies from designers ever again. Thus, this story:

Meghan Markle clashed with aides after furious rows over freebie designer clothes sent to Kensington Palace, The Sun can reveal. The palace has launched an investigation into allegations the duchess “bullied” staff when she was a working member of the royal family.

The alleged claims are believed to include rows sparked when the former actress was told by aides that keeping clothes sent by fashion labels was against royal protocol. Sources say boxes of designer garments were sent to Kensington Palace for Meghan after she was unveiled as Harry’s girlfriend.

One said: “As an actress it was perfectly acceptable to take freebies sent by fashion chains and designer labels. But Meghan had to be told it was not the done thing when you are a member of the royal family.”

[From The Sun]

Where exactly is the part where Meghan “clashed” with aides? It sounds like she was told she couldn’t accept freebies and she… didn’t. The thing is, as with every single one of these dumb stories, everything boomerangs back on the Keens. Kate isn’t supposed to accept freebies and she’s not supposed to wear or use gifts. She breaks that protocol all the f–king time. She accepts gifted jewelry and wears it. She wears free stuff filtered through a third party, her sister, all the time. I guess it’s not noteworthy when Kate does it because she’s white, keen and lazy though.

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