Woman creases as builders’ brutally honest reaction to pink home caught on CCTV

A woman was left in stitches when she re-watched her home security camera to catch two handymen rinsing her pinky apartment.

Kat Hope Jones posted the video on TikTok which showed the workers' honest opinion to her home's colour scheme.

She said: "Turns out the maintenance guys at my apartment had opinions about my interior design."

In the clip, the two men, who are both wearing hi-vis jackets, chat as they leave the apartment.

One of them is heard saying: "Everything's pink, the refrigerator, the washing machine. This girl has pink s*** everywhere."

His colleague looks back and replies: "Yuck!"

While viewers mocked the men for the "fear" of pink colour, Kat jumped to defend the workers and said the colour is not for everyone.

She said: "These guys work really hard, they aren't obligated to love pink."

Her video has since gone viral and Kat gave her viewers a tour of her "yucky pink apartment" – including the pink refrigerator the workers mentioned.

Kat took her viewers through as she stepped inside her home.

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While pink is not the main theme of the house, it's easy to spot it on several pieces of furniture like stools, curtains, cushions, and storage boxes.

As she moved onto the kitchen, she showed her refrigerator, covered in a shiny pink wallpaper on both fridge and freezer doors.

"So when he said my washing machine, he meant my dishwasher because my washing machine is definitely not pink," she panned to show a strip of pink stickers across the dishwasher control panel.

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A viewer commented: "By their reaction I was expecting a lot more pink than this."

"I love how it's subtle! Not so much pink, it's the perfect amount. They were just being dramatic," a second penned.

A third chimed: "I'm sorry but what? This is the cutest apartment! It's beautiful and you've done a great job."

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